With over 30 years of experience teaching voice, songwriting, and guitar, singer songwriter and educator Lisa Richards has taught individuals and groups of all experience levels and backgrounds, including those who've never sung, struggle with pitch, or are convinced they can’t sing!

Lisa tailors her approach to individual goals and focuses on providing the tools, skills, and practice for a healthy voice, developing a unique sound, and connecting authentically with an audience.

Based in Canberra, Australia, Lisa teaches locally, nationally, and internationally, in person and online.

Lisa embarked on her own musical journey at 21, blending classical voice studies with punk band performances. In 1991, after training through the Canberra School of Music and under Australian opera singer Joyce Simmons, she relocated to New York City where she furthered her education under the tutelage of groundbreaking educators and performers such as Melissa Cross, (The Zen of Screaming) Patricia Carey (Mariah Carey's mother), Franni Burke, (whose clients included Madonna, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Justin Timberlake,) Dr. Meribeth Dayme and Tim Carson.

She stays abreast of current practices in vocal education ensuring that her teaching remains dynamic and effective. 

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“Lisa is intelligent, insightful and is a superb communicator. She listens, observes, and thinks, with the feeling and touch of a talented singer, songwriter and teacher. It is her ability and desire to connect to people, their dreams, their joy and their pain, and her ability to create a learning environment that is challenging yet secure that makes her an exceptional teacher.” 
 Professor John Close, Deputy Director, Dept of Quantum Science, ANU

 The teaching you provided, as well as the voice warm-up cds I took from our lessons, have really been life-changing on so many levels. I can't thank you enough...deepest gratitude for your help on my path to healing and self-liberation.
Celestine A'duende, New Orleans  

“Lisa helped me find my voice and gave me the tools I need to use my voice at it’s best. Working with her gave me the confidence I needed to perform in front of an audience and truly enjoy the process of making music.” Suzee Brooks

 As someone who never made so much as a squeak in public or private, taking singing lessons was quite a daunting undertaking.  With Lisa's help I have built up an interesting repertoire of songs and I have been able to enjoy giving an occasional private performance for those near and dear - something I would never have dreamed of doing before I met Lisa.
Lisa helped me to find my voice and I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa to anyone else who wants to find theirs Rena E. Smith, Lakeway Texas

 We thank God for you Lisa... You helped give Sydney her voice...singing or just speaking out...
Laurie, Kurt and Sydney