With an affinity for underdogs and outsiders stemming from her wild and tumultuous upbringing, Lisa Richards’ music delves deep into the tapestry of human experience, connection, and emotion.

Her guitar-based songs are steeped in folk, roots, and jazz, and her distinctive voice, described as both "ferocious and sweet," draws comparisons to musical luminaries such as Bjork, Iris Dement, Ricky Lee Jones and Billie Holiday.

Raised in a household where playing instruments was discouraged, Lisa's childhood in far Northern Australia was marked by wildness, lack of supervision and abuse. 

Medicated by her parents from the age of 4, due to her mother's mental health and addiction struggles, Lisa’s childhood was interrupted at the age of 7 when a car accident left her mother with a traumatic brain stem injury. Requiring constant care, from that point the whole family's focus shifted to caregiving, and Lisa’s wild, unsupervised and unnecessarily medicated youth took an even darker turn down a path of sexual and substance abuse.

Clean and sober for more than three decades, Lisa now reflects, “There's no doubt that my childhood has informed everything I've done. I've spent many years getting my head on straight and learning how to live in the world.”