“Lisa is intelligent, insightful and is a superb communicator. She listens, observes, and thinks, with the feeling and touch of a talented singer, songwriter and teacher. It is her ability and desire to connect to people, their dreams, their joy and their pain, and her ability to create a learning environment that is challenging yet secure that makes her an exceptional teacher.”
Professor John Close, Deputy Director, Dept of Quantum Science, ANU 

"I spent years swallowing my voice in all kinds of ways, felt unexpressed, stuck and it was eating me alive. It got to the stage where I could barely stand to listen to music at all because I would grieve feeling locked out of it. I recently realized I need to sing- not because I am special or exceptional or gifted (like "real musicians") but because singing is human and ordinary and magical and the obvious thing to do.  Lisa has a way of creating space for you to "OWN YOURSELF". She exudes authenticity and gives people permission to be how they are. I feel like she communicates on multiple levels - very practical and immediate but rooted deep in the heart of things.
Bess Harrison 

“Wonderful workshop Lisa. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. You are a truly gifted teacher and your training is transformational”       Royston James

 Before I met Lisa I was worried that people would hear me sing.  Now all I want to do is find people to sing for. I would never have known how to find my voice if it wasn't for Lisa's amazing guidance - even though I'm only less than a year in, every lesson Lisa helps me to discover something new that really excites me and makes me want to keep going and get better and better.  I can hear the difference! - I'm playing AND singing my own songs, other songs I love, and feel like an allround better musician.  I've never had so much fun!  Lisa helped me find a new confidence I didn't know I had and it has carried through to other parts of my life as well.
Frank Zappia 

 Before I worked with Lisa I was unsure of my musical abilities and uneasy to try new things or to take risks. I was afraid to perform in public and private, I didn't want anyone to hear me or judge me. Lisa took me by the hand and guided me down a path that I desperately wanted to walk but was too afraid. Since meeting Lisa I have opened up my ability to create, I now perform on a regular basis and I am composing music with electronic music producers.
Clare Pearson 
I took a couple of voice lessons with you in 2009-2010. I have been living primarily in New Orleans since then. The teaching you provided, as well as the voice warm-up cds I took from our lessons, have really been life-changing on so many levels. I can't thank you enough...deepest gratitude for your help on my path to healing and self-liberation.
Celestine A'duende, New Orleans 

“Lisa helped me find my voice and gave me the tools I need to use my voice at it’s best. Working with her gave me the confidence I needed to perform in front of an audience and truly enjoy the process of making music.” Suzee Brooks

"As someone who never made so much as a squeak in public or private, taking singing lessons was quite a daunting undertaking. Lisa put me at ease and then proceeded to coax the best out of my voice. \With Lisa's help I have built up an interesting repertoire of songs and I have been able to enjoy giving an occasional private performance for those near and dear - something I would never have dreamed of doing before I met Lisa.   Lisa helped me to find my voice and I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa to anyone else who wants to find theirs                                                             Rena E. Smith, Lakeway Texas

 We thank God for you Lisa... You helped give Sydney her voice...singing or just speaking out...
     Laurie, Kurt and Sydney

"When I first started working with Lisa, the prospect of being able to sing well seemed like a dream more than a reality.  Within only a few months, though, my voice had improved at a speed I never could have imagined, as well as my musical ability as a whole.  Lisa is a phenomenal teacher who is devoted to her students and I am honored to be under the guidance of such a talented musician.  Now, with her help, I am writing music of my own and becoming a more confident singer and musician with each time that we meet.  I know that as I continue to work with Lisa, my voice will continue to grow and develop and eventually get to a place where I can feel confident to share a song with any crowd.  The same goes for my ability as a songwriter and musician.  Lisa Richards is, without a doubt, my number one recommendation for anyone hoping to find their inner musician."                      
Greg Glynn  Austin Texas

  "Lisa,  I still talk about my voice lesson with you. You told me, "The high notes are on the ground." Very profound with me and helped me immensely. Thank you! "                   Karen Currie 

Lisa has achieved a super human mastery when it comes to creating a non-judgmental group environment, helping people believe in themselves, and embedding learning. I’ve met a LOT of teachers and trainers in all kinds of fields and Lisa trumps the lot, especially when it comes to working with artists/creative people.
      If you love to sing and you’ve ever been told you can’t, or shouldn’t, and you think those voices of self-doubt in your head are right – you need this workshop. If you want to write songs and perform them but you’re not sure you can, or you just want to be a better songwriter - go to this workshop! You will leave the weekend feeling inspired and with a great set of tools to help you develop your writing and your voice.  

Rochelle Bright 2016

"A really wonderful teacher"      Stewart McPhun 

I have loved listening to music all my life, but somehow always believed that I lacked the talent to make it.  Lisa inspired me to pick up an instrument, cheered me on every time I felt discouraged, and created such an accepting, safe learning environment that I dared to keep going.  Just two years later I am playing guitar in a blue grass band, and have just started learning to play the banjo.  Making music is the most fun I've ever had, and at age 65, that is saying something.  They say when the student is ready the teacher appears.  I'm so grateful to Lisa for the gift of music.
Barbara Wilson-Clay, Austin, Texas 

I’d begun to write songs but I didn’t think I could sing them. Lisa helped me to find and refine my voice, beginning with learning how to breathe. Over and over we traveled the same eighty-eight steps, black and white, up and down, listening for where the sounds I made landed true and where they faltered. Lisa taught me the art of phrasing; Lisa taught me how to develop a melody; Lisa showed me I could go deeper into my own songs. Thanks to Lisa I sing, and my life is so much richer for it. You won’t find a better guide for your own musical journey, and I urge you to get started on it.
--Nita Lou Bryant

"I learnt more in 6 months with Lisa than any other teacher…".                Marilyn Hutchinson 

"Lisa’s course profoundly resonated with me in a way I wasn’t prepared for and I am moved by how revelatory the experience has been.
But more than this; I found success – it is as simple and as pared down as that….
Oh, and I wrote a song…it has three verses, a
chorus AND a bridge…and yes I crossed it and yes there’ll be others and yes, I’ll cross those too.” Suzy Fish

In the past, Lisa has worked with me via Skype and as a personal tutor during a four-day music retreat. Most recently, we worked together during her two-day Soul Singing/Songwriting workshop in Canberra.
Lisa, as a person, is Lisa as an artist and Lisa as a teacher. 
We left the weekend exhausted from our 
efforts, but satisfied that we had gained tools and resources to continue developing our songwriting and singing skills independently.
Lisa’s teaching has been empowering, enriching and enduring. What more needs to be said in support of such a treasure?

Sam Richards, Temora Australia

"I was truly unsure I could sing at all. I have wanted to sing for so many years but had dismissed this as something I'd do in my next lifetime.
Lisa really is very conscious of who you are as a person and a singer. She doesn't have 'a way' - she's looking to find 'your way.' This was SUPER empowering for me and made me believe -- "I can do this!"
To feel a sense of my actually being able to sing creates such joy in me. Lisa has unlocked that joy in me. The gratitude I feel is indescribable.
For the few hours after I sang for the very first time -- I felt...a unique combination of electric, ecstatic and bold + other empowered feelings I've not ever experienced before."

Shaune Clarke of Big Brand Speaking 2016