No matter where you live, if you have high-speed internet access, you can study with me from the comfort of your own home. I teach face to face online lessons for Voice, Guitar and Songwriting. I teach individuals and groups.

     What will you need to take lessons with me online?

    •  You will need a computer, a tablet or a phone with video capabilities.
    • Make sure you have the settings correct  by following the Zoom support instructions HERE
    • It's good to have a second device available with decent volume control  to play accompaniment tracks or vocal exercise tracks during your lesson(phone, tablet or desktop)
    • You will need a webcam or a built in camera on one of your devices
    • An external headset or external microphone or a built in microphone
    • Down load the free ZOOM software (make sure you have the latest version)
    • Headphones are a good idea but not essential
    • High Speed internet connection is essential
    • external speakers for volume control

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