Everything you need to know about taking Voice Lessons


No matter where you live, if you have high-speed internet access, you can study with me from the comfort of your own home. I teach face to face online lessons for Voice, Guitar and Songwriting. I teach individuals and groups.

     What will you need to take lessons with me online?

    •  You will need a computer, a tablet or a phone with video capabilities.
    • Make sure you have the settings correct  by following the Zoom support instructions HERE
    • It's good to have a second device available with decent volume control  to play accompaniment tracks or vocal exercise tracks during your lesson(phone, tablet or desktop)
    • You will need a webcam or a built in camera on one of your devices
    • An external headset or external microphone or a built in microphone
    • Down load the free ZOOM software (make sure you have the latest version)
    • Headphones are a good idea but not essential
    • High Speed internet connection is essential
    • external speakers for volume control


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    What students Say ...

    I took a couple of voice lessons with you in 2009-2010. I have been living primarily in New Orleans since then. The teaching you provided, as well as the voice warm-up cds I took from our lessons, have really been life-changing on so many levels. I can't thank you enough...deepest gratitude for your help on my path to healing and self-liberation. 
    Celestine A'duende, New Orleans 

    “Lisa helped me find my voice and gave me the tools I need to use my voice at it’s best. Working with her gave me the confidence I needed to perform in front of an audience and truly enjoy the process of making music.” Suzee Brooks 

     As someone who never made so much as a squeak in public or private, taking singing lessons was quite a daunting undertaking. Lisa put me at ease and then proceeded to coax the best out of my voice. Originally I signed up to learn to sing "Happy Birthday", in tune. However, I enjoyed myself so much that I continued the lessons long after the successful birthday event. Singing lessons with Lisa are never dull. She has many inventive ways of getting the best from my voice and there are always lots of fun things to practice at home. With Lisa's help I have built up an interesting repertoire of songs and I have been able to enjoy giving an occasional private performance for those near and dear - something I would never have dreamed of doing before I met Lisa. 
    Lisa helped me to find my voice and I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa to anyone else who wants to find theirs
    .  Rena E. Smith, Lakeway Texas 

     We thank God for you Lisa... You helped give Sydney her voice...singing or just speaking out... 
    Laurie, Kurt and Sydney 

    "When I first started working with Lisa, the prospect of being able to sing well seemed like a dream more than a reality.  Within only a few months, though, my voice had improved at a speed I never could have imagined, as well as my musical ability as a whole.  Lisa is a phenomenal teacher who is devoted to her students and I am honoured to be under the guidance of such a talented musician.  Now, with her help, I am writing music of my own and becoming a more confident singer and musician with each time that we meet.  I know that as I continue to work with Lisa, my voice will continue to grow and develop and eventually get to a place where I can feel confident to share a song with any crowd.  The same goes for my ability as a songwriter and musician.  Lisa Richards is, without a doubt, my number one recommendation for anyone hoping to find their inner musician." Greg Glynn  Austin Texas

    “Lisa is intelligent, insightful and is a superb communicator. She listens, observes, and thinks, with the feeling and touch of a talented singer, songwriter and teacher. It is her ability and desire to connect to people, their dreams, their joy and their pain, and her ability to create a learning environment that is challenging yet secure that makes her an exceptional teacher.” 
    Professor John Close, Deputy Director, Dept of Quantum Science, ANU

    Lisa’s teaching has been empowering, enriching and enduring. What more needs to be said in support of such a treasure? 
    Sam Richards, Temora Australia 

    "I was truly unsure I could sing at all. I have wanted to sing for so many years but had dismissed this as something I'd do in my next lifetime. 
    Lisa really is very conscious of who you are as a person and a singer. She doesn't have 'a way' - she's looking to find 'your way.' This was SUPER empowering for me and made me believe -- "I can do this!" 
    To feel a sense of my actually being able to sing creates such joy in me. Lisa has unlocked that joy in me. The gratitude I feel is indescribable. 
    For the few hours after I sang for the very first time -- I felt...a unique combination of electric, ecstatic and bold + other empowered feelings I've not ever experienced before." 

    Shaune Clarke of Big Brand Speaking 2016



    Here are some questions people often want to know the answers to. 

    I want to develop my own unique sound. Can you help? 

    Absolutely. I've been performing and writing and singing for over 35 years.  Teaching for over 25 years. I continue to  tour and write and record and I love guiding people to their own unique sound and full self expression. Many of my students record and release work through working with me. They  record and tour .

    Will taking singing lessons change my voice? I don’t want to turn into an opera singer. 

    I don’t teach opera. If you want to learn to sing opera or classical music I am not the teacher for you. My job is to meet you where you are at and work with you on YOUR goals. So NO I won’t turn you into an opera singer. I support you in discovering and developing your unique sound.  

    I’ve been singing and performing for years, I just need a tune up. Do you do those?  

    Yes. As a teacher my specialty is in quickly assessing where you are at and providing you with what you need during your lessons and in your practice routines to move forwards with your voice and your artistry. 

    Do you really think you can teach me to sing? 

    Yes! I have not met a person in my  over 25 years of teaching that I have not been able to teach. I frequently work with people who have never sung before, people who can’t sing ‘in tune’, people who ‘believe’ they have awful voices. Many of these people have gone on to be exceptionally fine singers and artists who perform and tour and write songs and make records and feel good about their voices. 

    How long will it take me to learn to Sing? 

    How long is a piece of string? I always suggest an absolute minimum of 3 months of regular lessons, 6 months is good and 12 months is better. Learning to sing is a journey. Is just depends what your destination is. For many people, once they begin, it becomes a  journey they want to continue. 

    How much practice will I need to do? 

    Well if you don’t practice at all you will still improve, but if you practice — and what I mean by practicing is spending time actually singing, which means some vocal exercises and some song singing  — then you will improve much faster.  Start with regular short periods (15 – 30 mins a day is a good beginning place). 

    Am I too old to learn to sing or become a better singer? 

    I sincerely doubt that. I’ve taught people from 7 years of age to 80 years of age(and I’ve had this question asked by 12-year-olds!) I have taught 60 year-old   total and complete beginner students who were out singing and playing guitar in bands after 12 months of lessons. 

    I have NEVER sung in front of anyone. Can you help? 

    Yes. I work successfully with people who have anxiety around their voices and who have never sung in front of anyone before. 

    I’m not sure if I want to sing but I have a feeling I'd be good at it. 

    If you are curious about singing lessons, or songwriting or your voice and self-expression in general,  I suggest you  schedule a lesson. 

    I lose my voice a lot when I sing. Am I doing something wrong? 

     YES Unless there is an underlying health condition I would say Yes. Singing should be easy and painless and not involve regular loss of voice. If there are no underlying health reasons it is simply a matter or getting some vocal training to correct the issue. 

    I am shy and although I don’t really want to sing, I heard it might be good for that. Is it? 

    Yes. learning to sing has so many benefits emotionally and mentally. It’s the number 1 way to improve your speaking voice and skills. 

    Do I have to want to perform to take singing lessons? 

    Nope. Plenty of people I have taught have no interest in performing in public.

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