for  YEARS    9 - 12

Discover the Art of Music and Songwriting: A Tailored Educational Program for High School Students

Program Introduction: This bespoke educational initiative, specifically designed for students in Years 9-12, enriches the academic experience by integrating three dynamic classroom sessions. Led by Lisa Richards, a distinguished artist with over three decades of global experience in songwriting, singing, and music production, the program spans 150 minutes and delves into the essential skills of music and lyrical composition.

About Your Instructor: Lisa Richards is not only an acclaimed songwriter and performer but also a dedicated educator who has studied and worked in Sydney, New York City, and Austin, Texas. Her impressive career includes having her songs included on Albums alongside music legends Adele, Nina Simone, and Christina Aguilera, and features contributions to film and television soundtracks. Following the success of her 8th album, "Waiting To Fly," and recent tours in the USA and Australia, Lisa brings her expertise directly into the classroom.

Workshop Features: Across two interactive sessions, students will engage hands-on with songwriting and vocal techniques that emphasize creativity and musical expression. The program provides each participant with a workbook that breaks down the elements of songwriting—lyrics, rhythm, melody, phrasing, and chords—and guides them in crafting their own songs.

Educational Goals: The aim is to arm students with the tools necessary for artistic expression, promoting the freedom to explore music as a powerful form of storytelling. This workshop encourages students to express their narratives through music, building confidence in their artistic voices.

Performance and Dialogue: The educational journey culminates in a performance and Q&A session with Lisa, where she demonstrates the storytelling power of song. Students can engage directly, asking questions about the songwriting process, music production, and the realities of a touring career.

Enrollment Information: For details on how to incorporate this unique program into your curriculum and to check Lisa’s availability in your area, please contact us.

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Feedback from Students and Teachers Who Participated in the Workshop

1. Valuable Learning Outcomes: Feedback from participants highlighted several key benefits of the workshop:

  • Learning from a Pro: Students and teachers valued the opportunity to gain insight from Lisa Richards' extensive career and personal techniques.
  • Exploring Creative Processes: The diverse approaches to songwriting and composition introduced were particularly appreciated for their creativity and applicability.
  • Overcoming Inner Critic: A significant takeaway was learning techniques to disengage from negative self-talk, fostering a more positive creative environment.
  • From Words to Melodies: The skill of transforming lyrics into melodies was seen as a crucial and exciting aspect of songwriting.
  • New Educational Tools: Educators were thrilled to acquire new methods and tools that could be directly applied to enhance classroom teaching.

2. Exciting Workshop Features: Participants were most excited about:

  • Performances and Demonstrations: Lisa’s live singing and song performances were a highlight, offering inspiration and a real-life glimpse into professional artistry.
  • Engaging Activities: The hands-on music-making, songwriting sessions, and interactive exercises were highly stimulating and engaging.
  • Idea Sharing: The opportunity to share ideas and actively participate in discussions was greatly valued for its collaborative and community-building aspects.

3. Reflections on Music and Songwriting Post-Workshop: Post-workshop reflections revealed a profound impact on participants’ attitudes towards music and songwriting:

  • Emotional Impact: Attendees reported feeling inspired, hopeful, and more connected to their musical passions.
  • Confidence in Abilities: The workshop significantly boosted participants' confidence in their songwriting and performance skills.
  • Renewed Motivation: There was a noticeable increase in motivation and excitement about pursuing music and songwriting, with many participants feeling reinvigorated and eager to explore further.