Here's the News....March 2019

On Sunday March  18th, I will be doing a concert of ALL NEW songs. But, more than this, I'll be introducing 3 new performers to Canberra. My 3 young special guests will be doing 5 song mini sets to kick off the show. One of the best things about teaching is being a part of the creative unfoldment of my students and getting to share them with the world...the local world or further afield. 

Buy your tickets at SmithsAlternative and come.  You'll be able to say, you were at their very first official gig! 




So I’ve been writing songs! I joined 2 online songwriting communities so I’ll be writing 6 songs a month between the 2 groups…..and I’ve been getting up at 6am to write…(I know!!!) Even though earning income from recording and selling CD’s has become a very debate-able plan…. I am winding up to record a new batch of songs this year for digital release and a VERY limited number of hard copies.  Writing songs and recording them is exciting to me. That’s why I started created my Patreon World Project 6 months ago. If you want to stay FULLY up to date with my songwriting, this is the place to do it 


On the performing front, I am booking more shows this year, both in Australia and outside of Australia. I am focussing on performing at places that I call….Listening Rooms. In towns and Cities. 

A listening room could be a House Concert in YOUR Living Room, backyard  or on your Deck,  or a community hall, or a church or a cafe or a bar. It’s a place where people go to listen to have a concert experience in an intimate environment. Could be a 1 hour show, longer or shorter. 

 Hosts are people who love music and want to share music and artists they love with their friends and community.


On The teaching front. I have a Super duper Half day Vocal Freedom Singing Workshop coming up in 2 weeks in Canberra on Saturday Feb 2nd. I have a number of students whose singing and performing lives started with this one little workshop! So if you are in Canberra and you want to get a solid foundation and understanding of how your voice works and experience the power, freedom and joy that comes with singing in a group. This one is for you. More information and Registration Here. 

The next session of the 6 week singing class is scheduled to begin on Wednesday Feb 20th.

AND There is SINGFLING,  The  regular Tuesday lunchtime singing hour held at SmithsAlternative in Canberra.