Here's the News....January 2019

I’m on the couch staring at the moon boot on my foot that is making my life a little slower than usual. When the doctor gave me the news on Saturday that I had a stress fracture and needed to deal with it in the proper manner, I was SURE there was some mistake. And as the news sank in..”You mean I can’t drive??”  I started to feel positively stir crazy. As I began to surrender to the facts I began to think about how I could make the most of this time. 


So I’ve been writing songs! I joined 2 online songwriting communities so I’ll be writing 6 songs a month between the 2 groups…..and I’ve been getting up at 6am to write…(I know!!!) Even though earning income from recording and selling CD’s has become a very debate-able plan…. I am winding up to record a new batch of songs this year for digital release and a VERY limited number of hard copies.  Writing songs and recording them is exciting to me. That’s why I started created my Patreon World Project 6 months ago. If you want to stay FULLY up to date with my songwriting, this is the place to do it 


On the performing front, I am booking more shows this year, both in Australia and outside of Australia. I am focussing on performing at places that I call….Listening Rooms. In towns and Cities. 

A listening room could be a House Concert in YOUR Living Room, backyard  or on your Deck,  or a community hall, or a church or a cafe or a bar. It’s a place where people go to listen to have a concert experience in an intimate environment. Could be a 1 hour show, longer or shorter. 

 Hosted people who love music and want to share music and artists they love with their friends and community.


On The teaching front. I have a Super duper Half day Vocal Freedom Singing Workshop coming up in 2 weeks in Canberra on Saturday Feb 2nd. I have a number of students whose singing and performing lives started with this one little workshop! So if you are in Canberra and you want to get a solid foundation and understanding of how your voice works and experience the power, freedom and joy that comes with singing in a group. This one is for you. More information and Registration Here. 

The next session of the 6 week singing class is scheduled to begin on Wednesday Feb 20th.

AND There is SINGFLING,  The  regular Tuesday lunchtime singing hour held at SmithsAlternative in Canberra.