Sunday Afternoon Music Making in Canberra

Last Sunday of each month there will be a 2 hour music gathering at the Ainslie Football Club. This group is for budding musicians to gain experience  and confidence performing in front of others, and with others, in a circle, in an informal un-amplified setting. I will lead and guide the group. The group is for singers, singer/songwriters, and people who play an instrument and sing (guitar/uke/mandolin/banjo/ keyboard) It's not an instrumental session.

There is a cafe, bar and bistro on premises. We may go for a meal after in the bistro. You can buy food and drink and take it into the group.

Bring your voice, your songs, your accompanying instrument. 

There will be a vocal warmup/icebreaker and a  supportive, creative environment.

$15.00 session fee  


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PLEASE RSVP for each session of this group you plan to attend.

Pay in cash when you arrive or by PayPal.



Sunday Afternoon Music Making Details 

Ainslie Football Club 

52 Wakefield avenue 

Sunday Feb 23rd 

4pm - 6pm 



It's a group for people who want to play music with and for other people, but who are lacking in experience and confidence. You can play a song you wrote, or a cover. You can sing/play alone or ask people to sing/play with you. 

HOW OFTEN. Once a month on the last Sunday of the Month and I may need some others to get involved in the running of it when I'm out of town on tour. 

This group is held upstairs in one of the conference rooms. I'll lead a vocal warm up and an icebreaker exercise or 2. We will all sit on chairs in a circle with our instruments. 

Bring your chord charts and lyrics, music stand, your instrument and or your voice. I will facilitate the smooth running of the afternoon. People who don't play an instrument can bring an instrumental track to sing to (on your phone, with or without an external speaker) 

Piano players... If anyone is bringing a keyboard, let me know. I have a mini/midi keyboard. The keys are full size but NOT weighted and its 3 octaves... You could bring a recording of your song accompaniment or the chords and someone could play it on guitar. 

4pm gather upstairs at the Ainslie Football Club in one of the conference rooms. There are only a couple of conference rooms up there and we will be the only people with instruments. 
4pm - 4.15pm group warm up and ice breaker 
4.15pm grab chairs and form a circle 

Lisa will kick off the afternoon with a song and then will invite others to share a song. You can choose if you want to sing and play alone or you want people to sing with you. I will bring a few songs and lyrics for folks that may want to do that. 

Bring $15 to put in the jar or pay when you arrive by 

Please RSVP  if you are coming so I can get an idea of numbers.