Vocal Freedom and Self Expression in the Workplace

6 - Week Class Outline 

6 x 1 hour weekly classes

Max 15 people

This is a practice based vocal workshop geared towards non-singers.

What we will cover:

  • Breathing for powerful speaking and maintaining vocal health
  • How to use ‘focussed breath’ for singing or speaking
  • The signs and symptoms of vocal damage and incorrect usage – how to prevent it and how to recover from it
  • Healthy voice projection
  • Vocal health assessment for each participant
  • Creating ease and comfort with your voice
  • Vocal warm-ups for maximum freedom and self-expression
  • Unison group speaking and singing work

Benefits for employees and organizations

  • Group vocal work fosters adaptability, flexibility, and spontaneity
  • Breaks down barriers and promotes connection, teamwork and is a powerful team building strategy
  • Kick-starts performance skills whether giving presentations or effectively contributing to meetings and discussions.
  • Improves social skills
  • Increases employee wellbeing
  • Reduces stress and increases work satisfaction
  • Increases public speaking and presentation skills
  • Prevents vocal damage and gets the best out of your people

This is a workshop designed for non-singers to increase vocal comfort, wellbeing, confidence and presentation skills.

Bespoke Corporate Packages

Lisa Richards offers bespoke workshops, programs and performances that are designed to meet the specific needs of your business or organization.


Programs range from stand-alone, two-hour workshops, to ongoing employee choir projects and can be tailored to support companies achieving their individual team building goals

One- off rejuvenation workshops

Ranging from 2 - 4 hours

Ultimate wellness and team building days

6 - 7-hour transformative singing workshop
6 - 7-hour transformative singing and songwriting workshop


Workforce Choir: Five to Ten-week residencies that see employees come together to participate in and build a company choir. These sessions happen at lunch time.

Conference power singing: A mass singing activity designed to inspire, energize and 'pump up' conference participants. This type of singing session brings a fresh and contemporary spin to motivational speeches and activities, and is a creative and innovative way to kick start a conference.

Conference or Event Performance: A 1 song performance of by Lisa Richards to set the tone for the event or Conference