Canberra Voice Lessons: In studio

I have over 30 years of experience in teaching voice, songwriting and guitar.  I studied and taught in New York City, Austin Texas and Australia.  My skills were gathered by working with amazing teachers, coaches and practitioners around the world. 

What is it like to learn with me?  Take a look at the student comments to the right to get an idea.

I meet you, assess where you are at and then guide and support you in getting to where YOU want to go. Before we begin, I get an idea of where you are going and what your vocal and performance goals are.

 I have no stylistic agenda. As a teacher/coach/guide I support you in:

  • getting the tools, skills and practise to maintain a healthy voice(breath control, pitch control, dynamics, range, stamina)
  • Developing your sound
  • Discovering, strengthening and deepening your connection with YOUR Unique Voice and Sound. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and things that get in the way of them singing freely, honestly and expressively. Some of these you may already be aware of and some not. Some of these are vocal technique issues and some are not.
  • Becoming a confident singer and performer 
  • Connecting with your audience in an authentic way
  • Improvising with your voice


My students often find their musical passions and desires expanding once they start lessons with me. Many of my students have gone on to perform in bands, or as solo artists, to write and record songs, release albums and to play an instrument to support their singing, often in the first year of lessons! 

I suggest a minimum commitment to 3 months of lessons.

My regular one-on-one rates are $200 per hour/ $100 per half hour. If you have other questions, check out the FAQ page  and then email me if you don't find your answer there 

If Classes are more your thing, check out the classes and workshops for small group classes and lessons


“Lisa is intelligent, insightful and is a superb communicator. She listens, observes, and thinks, with the feeling and touch of a talented singer, songwriter and teacher. It is her ability and desire to connect to people, their dreams, their joy and their pain, and her ability to create a learning environment that is challenging yet secure that makes her an exceptional teacher.” Professor John Close, Deputy Director, Dept of Quantum Science, ANU

"I’ve met a LOT of teachers and trainers in all kinds of fields and Lisa trumps the lot, especially when it comes to working with artists/creative people."   Rochelle Bright, Writer, Philosopher, Educator, Raging idealist

"I have loved listening to music all my life, but somehow always believed that I lacked the talent to make it.  Lisa inspired me to pick up an instrument, cheered me on every time I felt discouraged, and created such an accepting, safe learning environment that I dared to keep going.  Just two years later I am playing guitar in a blue grass band. Making music is the most fun I've ever had, and at age 65, that is saying something"    Barbara Wilson-Clay, BSEd, IBCLC, FILCA and author of The Breast Feeding Atlas

"I was truly unsure I could sing at all. I have wanted to sing for so many years but had dismissed this as something I'd do in my next lifetime. Lisa really is very conscious of who you are as a person and a singer. She doesn't have 'a way' - she's looking to find 'your way. For the few hours after I sang for the very first time -- I felt...a unique combination of electric, ecstatic and bold + other feelings I've not ever experienced before."             Shaune Clarke of Big Brand Speaking