for  YEARS    9 - 12

This program is specifically tailored for students in years 9 - 12 within educational institutions.

It comprises a total of 3 classroom sessions.

Lisa, with over 30 years of experience in touring, songwriting, singing, and teaching, has honed her craft through studies in Sydney, Australia, New York City, and Austin, Texas.

Notably, her songs have been featured in film, television, and on albums alongside renowned artists such as Adele, Nina Simone, and Christina Aguilera. Lisa's recent accomplishments include the completion of her 8th album, "Waiting To Fly" , Australian and USA tour dates. 

The workshop component, spanning 2 classroom sessions, offers an immersive experience for students interested in music and performance. Its aim is to provide fundamental songwriting skills and tools to enhance vocal expression.

Each student will receive a workbook that explores the different elements of songwriting (lyrics, rhythm, melody, phrasing, chord structures) and enables them to create songs during the workshop.

The program's objective is to equip students with the necessary tools and knowledge to express themselves through this art form while fostering freedom of expression and an understanding of the art of storytelling. 

The Performance and Q&A session, lasting one classroom session, involves Lisa performing songs and sharing insights into the songwriting process.

This segment also allows students to inquire about songwriting, recording, song production, and the experience of being a touring musician.

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  1. What was most valuable about the workshop?
  • learning from the experience of another musician
  • learning different processes and ways to write and compose
  • learning to disengage from the negative inside voices- The critic
  • The ability to turn words into melodies
  • learning about songwriting
  • getting new tools to use in the classroom.

2. What aspects of the workshop were you most excited by?

  • The performance and songs
  • The Singing
  • The music
  • Songwriting and writing
  • Learning 
  • Sharing ideas and getting involved
  • the exercises and activities

3. How do you feel about music and songwriting after attending the workshop

  • inspired, lighter, hopeful, confident, excited, positive, connected, happier, motivated