Play Guitar and Sing at the Same Time - 6 week class

Thursdays 7pm - 8pm. Class starts March 30th 2018

This is a 6 week class for people who know a at least a few of the basic chords and are struggling or frustrated with their progress when it comes to combining playing guitar with singing. 

We'll look at strumming patterns, finger picking patterns with in the realm of playing and singing together as well as learning songs where I take you through the process of learning to play and sing a new song. 

Maximum of 6 people. All playing and singing is done all together as a group.

Class Dates 

Thursday March 30th,  

Thursday April 5th,12th, 26th

Thursday May 3rd and 10th

The class is held at my studio in Flynn 

13 Plowman Place Flynn 2615


Play Guitar and Sing together

Play Guitar and Sing together

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Tuition price includes GST.

6 week class Thursdays 7pm - 8pm Class begins Thursday March 30th

Please note: Class fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.