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IN September 2019, I recorded 10 new songs in Brooklyn NY with Tim Bright 60cycle music.  Ben Perowsky played drums  and  Jesse Murphy played bass. These guys have toured and recorded with a staggering array of high quality folks.(click their names to see who) Tim Bright played a bunch of instruments and steered the ship. This album was partially funded by an ArtsACT grant (they funded the recording of 5  songs to be released as digital singles). These songs will be drip released as singles  beginning in April. The other 5 songs I funded with savings.  The songs are being mastered right now so the next VERY important step is launching these babies out into the world. In total, this recording will have cost over $20,000 and my personal funds are currently depleted. Here's where you come in... I want to hire some folks to assist me in doing this next part. Promotion, making videos and touring.

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I won't be doing a  big 'for sale' manufacture of CD's for this album. When the album is wide released  in  it will ONLY be available  digitally.

The beautiful Limited Edition Big Bundle package  will include

  • CD
  • a 6 panel wallet
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BUT You can also get the CD by itself or

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A snippet of one of the new songs live in Los Angeles.

My last 3 albums were completed with a combination of crowd funding and advance sales. Below is a little playlist of songs from the last 3 albums

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    0:00 / 3:01
  2. 2
    0:00 / 4:49
  3. 3
    0:00 / 4:05
  4. 4
    0:00 / 4:10


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