Yet, here I am, with a collection of 10 new songs…  “in this little city, in this big country, ‘in the middle of the ocean, at the bottom of the world’ ”

— Lisa Richards

SYDNEY Sentinel Article March 27, 2021

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Sydney Sentinel March 27, 2021: John Moyle Article from online journal Sydney Sentinel about the video for the Song "Little Bird" 8.51 MB

Rhythms Magazine Feature Nov 2020

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I Got A Story Releasing Friday November 13, 2020

What's the Story?

I began thinking about making a new album, my seventh, in 2018 after I went to The Farwest Folk Alliance in Los Angeles. I’m an independent artist. I never know where the money is going to come from.  I just start taking baby steps in a definite direction and see what unfolds.... For the whole story and contact information for publicity, hit the button below for the release in doc form.

Press Photos

photo by Geoffrey Dunn

Photo by Geoffrey Dunn

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