• Vocal Freedom
  • Self Expression 
  •  Aliveness 
Saturday Feb 24th 2023
2pm - 5pm

 (Gift Certificates Valid for 12 months)

This workshop will give you a thorough foundation in the most unique and mysterious instrument in the world...YOUR voice.

This workshop is  suitable for

  • complete beginners,
  • shy people
  •  people who think they can't sing,
  • people who know they can't sing,
  •  people who are already singing and want to learn more about their instrument

All the singing in this workshop is unison group singing. 

You will learn how to breath for singing and speaking efficiency, vocal health and comfort.

I will teach you how to sing in tune and how to find the note you are looking for.

You will learn some songs and sing then in a group setting.

It will be fun!

Maximum of 8 people

  (16 years and over.)  

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What will we cover in the workshop ?

- Translate Your Energy Into Your Unique Sound ( it’s already “IN” You) 

-  Connecting To Your  Voice  

-  Learn  how to breath for singing 

-  Release Deep Limiting Thoughts -- such as "I'm not musical” 

- Teach Your BODY to Sing -- NOT Your Mind ( move effortlessly from speaking to singing) 

- If you can speak you can sing - how to embrace the voice you were born with (I'm not kidding)  


-How To Conquer the Fear of High Notes (Why we fear them and how to get over that hump) 
- Learn The power of the 'No rule' rule (Freedom) 

I'll Also Teach You… 
- How singing changes your frame of mind and increases your happiness and joy. 
- The Signs and Symptoms of Vocal Damage - are you hurting your voice? It's more common than you think. 
- The secret to singing 'in tune'                                  

 Use the contact form below or email lisa@lisarichardsmusic.com if you have questions.