Make a CD with me!!

It’s happening!! I am very excited to be recording my first CD in Australia with Australian producer and  multinstrumentalist Greg J Walker from Machine Translations. The count down has begun. I have 30 days to successfully complete my pozible crowd funding campaign and I am over 1/10th of the way to my goal. Go and find out about the project and check out the fabulous things on offer. Go take a listen to my new work!

$20 gets you a high quality wav file of the CD before anyone else gets it.

$40 gets you a signed CD mailed to you anywhere in the world.




September..Spring.. new beginnings

So this week I am off to Melbourne to begin working on a new CD with the fabulous Greg J Walker.  In my mind I think of him as ‘The Phantom…ghost who walks’ whose name was “Mr Walker’ but that’s just because I haven’t met him in person yet.

So I have 12 songs completely written and a few half completed and we will spend 4 days writing, arranging and recording. I have no idea what it will be like but I have a good feeling about it. I found Greg by stumbling onto an artist whose album he produced. I was very taken with the arrangements and the simplicity and so I hunted around online a bit to find more recordings and find out more about him. I initiated contact,s end him some music links and an enthusiastic. “I love what you do. You are amazing. Can we work together” to which he promptly responded with a big ‘YES’.

Apart from these things I am bogged down in the minutae of teaching, students, doing taxes, crowd funding tasks (The ghost who walks needs to be paid in actual money) and how to handle the sense of isolation that I often feel when I am working at home by myself. Shortly I will go and have a shower and go and immerse myself in making some music…working on the transition into serving the muse fully for the next week and putting all my worldly concerns out of the way of my minds eye.

`Music saved my life’ – former NQ delinquent tours for 22 years, releases five albums

Well I had the extreme pleasure of sitting down and having a long chat with Ann Leung and talking about the impact that music and singing has had on my life and why I am so passionate about sharing everything I’ve learned by teaching others.  She put together this beautiful piece that aired on ABC radio. You can download and listen to the 7 minute piece here 

`Music saved my life’ – former NQ delinquent tours for 22 years, releases five albums

22 July 2015 , 8:18 AM by Spencer Howson

LisaLeft: Lisa Richards. photo by Peta Rudd

Music quite literally saved Lisa Richards’ life. And what a life story she can tell.

Her mum was a concert pianist – yet playing a musical instrument was forbidden in the family.

Lisa describes her upbringing as ‘feral’ and says she was a ‘delinquent’ by age 14.

Fast-forward to today and the Queensland-born singer has been touring for 22 years – based in New York and Texas. And she’s released five albums.

Now Lisa Richards is back home in Queensland, running singing workshops in Kelvin Grove, Southport and Kenmore.

612 ABC Brisbane Community Correspondent Ann Leung caught up with Lisa to hear how her how singing saved her from a path of self-destruction.


This last weekend, I taught a 2 day workshop on singing, songwriting and guitar. Now I do admit, I have an agenda. I WANT people to embrace their creativity and dive into the wonderful unknown of making music, img-thingof creating music, of singing and writing songs. One of the participants had a fine strong voice, but he said he didn’t have a big desire to sing, and in fact he really was mostly interested in playing guitar. He also said he thought he had a horrible voice, which, though it clearly wasn’t true, was (I felt) having an impact on his desire to sing. I make a point of meeting people where they are at, so while I did work with him on this particular belief, the thing I have to be clear about is, that getting him to love and appreciate his voice is not something I have the power to do instantly. I can plant seeds, introduce ideas, make suggestions, I can teach things.  I can tell him what I see and hear and give him tools and techniques that have made a difference for hundreds of people I have had the pleasure of teaching. But I am with a group for a weekend. Each person has been living with themselves and their ideas and thoughts and opinions for a lifetime. And while breakthroughs are common, each person I work with needs to have a spark of their own   desire to have things be a different way. To experience life a different way. To see themselves in a different way. A desire for exploration and a willingness to spend time with themselves and their instrument…their voice…their guitar..their pen..their piano and to be open to possibilities they had previously drawn a big red line through. The possibility that they might in fact be a decent( or even an amazing!) singer or songwriter or guitarist or writer

Sing Out People!!

Your Voice — Your Ambassador to the World

Scientific evidence for the benefits of singing are growing all the time. The things we intuitively ‘know’ are now able to be quantified.

Singing makes you feel GREAT.  Many people don’t learn to sing because they are POSITIVE they can’t sing. People confuse lack of experience and deliberate practice with a shortage of ability. We think that because this instrument is inside our bodies, we should ‘automatically’ know how to play it. That’s like saying “If I can’t pick up this saxophone and be amazing right off the bat, I have absolutely NO talent and no ability and no right to even think about learning to play the saxophone”  Ridiculous Right?

But these are the things we tell ourselves about our voices. CRAAAZY!!!!! The good news is….you can stop thinking this way and you can start singing. Why would you NOT sing?? It’s the built in instrument you take everywhere. You already use it for speaking. It belongs to you. No one can take it away unless you let them……

Singing –  increases poise, self-esteem and self confidence in work and play

Singing- strengthens concentration and memory.

Singing develops the lungs and promotes superior posture.images-19

Singing enhances your expressive communication skills

Singing adds a rich, more resonant quality to speech.

Singing enlivens the body, the mind and the spirit.

Singing gives you a window into characterization and acting.

Singing awakens an interest in words, poetry and storytelling

Singing enriches your ability to appreciate the art of great singers.

Singing knows no age limits– you are never too young or too old.

Singing has proven therapeutic benefits both emotionally and physically.