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The Singer and Songwriter

Songs of longing, loss, love and hope. In the tradition of  classic songwriters, singers and street performers through the ages ...from Fado to Jazz to Bluegrass to Blues. An exquisite mash up of Edith Piaf, Billie Holliday, Bjork and Patti Griffin.  She's toured solo in the USA, Europe and Australia and been praised by music industry tastemakers.  Look for CD number 6 September  23rd 2016.

'a tour de force of unflinching and honest writing' David Costello –  Brisbane Courier Mail

'There’s an astounding individuality not only to Richards’ uniquely sweet and tremulous vocals, but also in her concise and thoughtful songwriting'  Jerseybeat  USA

The Teacher

Yes you can study with Lisa. 22 years of teaching voice, guitar and songwriting in New York City, Austin Texas and Australia, have given her a wide appreciation for the gifts that each person brings to their lessons. “My job is to bring out the best in you, to challenge you, inspire you and to guide you on your musical path and to give you the tools that you need to get to where YOU want to go" 

Lisa currently resides in Canberra Australia and teaches workshops and one on one, locally, nationally and internationally, in person and via Skype.
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